Some of the  Gramophones in my collection.

Edison Diamond Disc

This is known as the official Laboratory model C19 – introduced in 1919.
Features a Chippendale Mahogany cabinet, diamond stylus reproducer with a laminated paper diaphragm.

It has a gear mechanism to move the the reproducer arm across the record, other gramophones rely on the record grooves to do this.

Other features:- Variable speed turntable, Volume control, Double spring motor, 15: internal horn, storage in the cabinet for 72 records.

Edison manufactured special discs to play on his Diamond Disc machines. These are known as Diamond Discs & compared to other records at the time were superior in sound reproduction. They are 10″ in diameter & 1/4″ thick. The grooves are vertically cut & the speed is 80 rpm.  Can play up to 5 minutes.

His Masters Voice

HMV Studio Grand No 2 Mahogany Cabinet Gramophone 1920’s

Victrola Model VV100

Victrola USA 1923
Mahogany cabinet, two spring motor, nickel plated fittings.

Decca Junior Gramophone

Decca Junior Portable wind up gramophone with reflecting horn in the lid.

Colibri Miniature Portable

Made in Belgium this small gramophone can play large 78rpm records. Motor & Sound Box are Swiss made. It all packs into the very small camera size case. 1920’s

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